Passionate about the art of hair! Love changing a look and confidence with a simple change of hair color or length. My biggest passion is working with hair extensions having over 7 years of experience.

Art has always been my creative outlet, but growing up I was constantly reminded that it wasn’t something you could do for a living. While being told to pursue dreams by teachers & trusted superiors, it seemed like the dream they all had for me was to graduate Highschool & go to college. Which I did (Wreck’Em Tech!) Yet still, I would wonder, & fantasize even, about ‘what if’ I’d followed my passion.

Then one day I did. I left my ‘successful’ & budding career, went to cosmetology school & now have my own salon & client book. I no longer wake up dreading the work day ahead, instead I wake up smiling and excited to meet with new clients & share my art & talent.
A career without passion is a job. A CAREER WITH PASSION IS A CALLING. Do what you love…

You know the rest. Xo